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Warning gross

Wisanu Phu-artdun

Video installation


Satisfaction makes people love watching pimple popping videos. I am also one of them who will immediately click on any video with anything like “Long and Satisfying Blackhead Extractions” in the title. However, satisfaction is keeping me to go further. It makes me want to persuade people around me to join and watch it with me. A lot of people hate it and my friends call me a psycho because I am so obsessed with it sometime but I don’t care because their reactions are something that make me satisfy. This project, I want to do something fun by romanctizing this kind of video and soften its mood and tone in order to make it easier to watch for my friends and others so I can get more reaction from them.

At first I have to admit that I wanted to create this project because I just want to do something fun and something I like. How I am going to edit the videos? What are the songs I’m going to put? Or can the video that I will edit persuade people to watch pimple popping and get satisfy with me? It turned out that, this project affects me the most. Every time I distort the pictures, put some pastel colors on it, or put some cheesy and romantic songs in the crazy-gross videos, it made me think that I am covering the truth that we are gross bags of fluids and disgusting shit under our skin. This might be the fun way for me to accept that we all are horrible. If we don’t wash our bodies or cover them with perfume or fancy cloths, we are all the same. And in one day we will be decayed by time.