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== Wiki To Do ==
== Wiki Feedback ==
=== Petition ===
'''A petition to fix the thumbnailer for JPEGs and GIFs.'''
Dear Michi please fix our wiki!
* [[User:Ms| — Martin Schneider]] 13:54, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:Rachel|Rachel]] 13:55, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:EmilioAguas|EmilioAguas]] 13:56, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:Cive4563|Dirk Wäsch]] 14:33, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:Pd|Pd]] 14:35, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* -[[User:CeilingCat|CeilingCat is watching you Processing...]] 14:39, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:Josijtz|JosephineJatzlau]] 14:42, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:JuBa|Justine Barthel]] 14:43, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:EvilVirus|EvilVirus]] 14:43, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
* [[User:Regine|Regine Elbers]] 14:46, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
-- [[User:Ms| — Martin Schneider]] 13:54, 3 December 2015 (UTC)
What's the problem with it? "fix the thumbnailer" is not a bug description that is useful.
Also: Are there volunteers that would help designing a new Wiki Theme compatible to the new Uni-Design? If so, I will help installing a new Wiki version that can be updated and will fix many current problems. I have not enough time to do this on my own (and I'm already working 100% over my part-time contract from the University). Unfortunately, our chair has no money to hire a HiWi for this purpose. I think that would be necessary. I once had the money organized and provided a contract to a student. Unfortunately this student did nothing, so everything was cancelled. Since then I am waiting for someone to step in.
tl;dr: I'm willing to help, but can't/won't do it alone. Need volunteers or money to hire a HiWi.
--[[User:Mm|Michael]] 12:08, 4 December 2015 (UTC)
=== Wish List ===
* Allow embedding of external images from Wikimedia (see: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgAllowExternalImagesFrom )
* My students would love to embedding processing sketches  (see: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:ProcessingJs)
** This would be possible but it's probably a security risk
** We might consider using an iFrame plugin instead ...
[[User:Ms| — Martin Schneider]] 11:19, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
=== Known Bugs & Upcoming Fixes ===
=== High Priority===
* new skin ( see: https://github.com/BauhausUniversity/MedienWiki )
=== Medium Priority ===
* add Examples: [[User:Anastasiya#Grundlagen_Mediengestaltung]]
* Check User Prefs Change: included Namespaces in Search Prefs for existing Users
* Delete empty pages: [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:MarkedForDeletion]]
=== Low Priority ===
* Fix AJAX Search, has something to do with wgScriptPath
** [http://www.mwusers.com/forums/showthread.php?12536-wgEnableMWSuggest-NOT-Working wgEnableMWSuggest-NOT-Working]
** [http://www.mwusers.com/forums/showthread.php?10567-Search-suggestions-not-working Search-suggestions-not-working]
* Fix [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:PdfHandler PDF Handler]
* make hr in the GMU CSS look like the dotted line in h2. please.
* LaTeX <math></math> is available in the toolbar, but isn't interpreted by the mediawiki parser. possible solutions: either fix/(enable) <math></math> rendering or remove the math icon from the toolbar.
== Ideas ==
* More Effects:
** nicer icon for sidebar folding
** h2 areas foldable (mechanism like sidebar items)
* [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgAppleTouchIcon $wgAppleTouchIcon]
* iPhone/mobile web Skin
== [[/Medien Wiki Feature Diskussion|Diskussion über Features]] ==
* <strike>see [[/Medien Wiki Feature Diskussion/]]</strike>
* Bitte den neuen Issue Tracker bei github nutzen: https://github.com/BauhausUniversity/MedienWiki/issues
* Bitte den neuen Issue Tracker bei github nutzen: https://github.com/BauhausUniversity/MedienWiki/issues
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** [[Special:Log/newusers]] verdächtige Neuanmeldungen
** [[Special:Log/newusers]] verdächtige Neuanmeldungen
** [[MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist]]
** [[MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist]]
** [[MediaWiki:Common.css]]

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WikiHaiwaiian for ''fast'' (not an acronym). It is the name for a hypertext system for websites where the user may not only read the content but is also able to change it instantaneously through the browser. Feedback


  • due to recent spam attacks, creating new accounts is currently restricted to users having a university address
    • if you need help, please contact me or any other admin (mail user left or below).
  • fixed FancyBox undefined title
  • fixed multiple jQuery & scriptaculous resources (due to new extensions); page loading time should be improved
  • fixed CDATA issue caused by Lingo (TOCTable of contents – Inhaltsverzeichnis wouldn't toggle)
  • new Extension for Glossaries: Lingo (Edit Terminology to add stuff)
  • new Namespace MME
  • FancyBox fixes
  • LightBox auf Userwunsch deaktiviert und statt dessen Fancy Box Thumbs installiert
  • New ParserFunctions Extension
  • Fixed some LightboxThumbs incompatible pages
  • Found an updated version of LightboxThumbs working with MW 1.16. Yay! Hopefully no problems...
  • Gallery Preview GeeQuBox as a replacement for LightboxThumb (works only with <gallery> tag) -- did NOT work
  • Updated SyntaxHighlight GeSHi (alternative syntaxhighlight-tag as source might cause problems)
  • Updated to latest Maps Extension
  • New ImageMap Extension
  • Temporary Block of new user account creation due to an automated mass account creation attack
  • User-to-User E-Mail now enabled
  • Multi-Language / Skinbased graphics (Faculty of Media / Fakultät Medien...)
  • MediaWiki (Security) Update to MW 1.16.2
  • CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]] um video link icon und <div class="panorama"> erweitert
  • fixed MediaWiki:License and MediaWiki:Licenses for Special:Upload
  • temporarily disabled ImageMagick due to unknown changes on the server config
  • category newLine / noWiki bug
  • no Edit-Img @media:print, checked fontsize (0.8 em ist eigentlich ok)
  • web.uni-weimar.de wird nun auf www.uni-weimar.de umgeleitet. Damit sollte es keine Probleme mehr mit unterschiedlichen Cookies geben.
  • Neue Maps Extension: Maps statt GoogleMaps, SlippyMaps und SimpleMaps (neuer Syntax!)
  • Manual fix for Lightbox-Plugin, now works for Galleries and even for Special:NewFiles!
  • Security update to MW 1.16.0
  • Updated and new extensions:
  • Updated to MW 1.16.b3
    • Added new CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]] rules for new Search Features
    • Fixed broken Lightbox Plugin (unfortunately the Gallery Feature still not working)
  • Neue Professur: EKK
  • GMUGestaltung medialer Umgebungen: h2 edit -- thanks, looks great --max 14:15, 1 July 2010 (UTC)
  • GMUGestaltung medialer Umgebungen: h2 change
  • security update to 1.15.4, SlippyMap and SpamRegEx update, Simple Spam Ext
  • frisches CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]] für Moden
  • Foldable sidebar level1 items (yay!, does probably not work with IE; and will most likely need a refresh of the browser cache)
  • Custom favicons per Namespace added (see GMU:Start)
  • Subpages in Main Namespace enabled
  • Categories Plugin geht jetzt auf Unterseiten (abgesehen von Users/Talk)
  • Security Patch: Upgraded to MW 1.15.3 (stable)
  • Zoom Cursor for Lightbox enabled previews & minor CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]] Fixes
  • Fixed severe html-injection error in randomimage extension
  • JS Compression & cleanup (> 300 kB weniger pro Seite :)
  • Sidebar kann ein-/ausgeklappt werden
  • Many CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]] Fixes (@screen und @print)
  • Verbesserte Barrierefreiheit (Menü ist nun weiter oben)
  • Minor Fixes for Category Selection Plugin (gr. Schrift + bei Section-Edit ausgeblendet)
  • Lightbox für Galleries installiert (Beispiel2)
    • zum Aufrufen der Bildseite statt /image/Image.jpg - /File:Image.jpg verwenden!
  • Neuer Namespaces EXPTVExperimentelle Television
  • zh-cn Kollationsfehler behoben (für Chinesische Zeichen). Das Problem war eine experimentelle Einstellung $wgDBmysql5, die standardmäßig eingeschaltet ist, jedoch einen Codierungs-Konflikt hervorruft (vermutlich wegen UTF-16)
  • Neue Upload-Hinweise
  • Lizenzwechsel (auch im Header)
  • kleinere Fehler behoben (GMUGestaltung medialer Umgebungen-CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]])
  • TOCTable of contents – Inhaltsverzeichnis-Icon überall sichtbar (ging u.a. nicht auf Special-Pages)
  • Server-Fehler: Thumbnails gehen wieder
  • Neuer Namespace ME: für Medien-Ereignisse
  • Listen-Abstände und Headlines: Strukturtest (nested UL/OLs makes the weasel cower in fear)
  • CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]] .doc-Icon auch für rtf und txt
  • Begrenzung der Breite des inhaltsverzeichnisses --Matthias
  • w3c validator fixed :-)
  • TOCTable of contents – Inhaltsverzeichnis: schnelleres Ein-/Ausklappen
  • (Seit dem Kernel Update?) die Uhrzeit stimmt jetzt in etwa.
  • Linkfarben bei externen Links ohne WikiHaiwaiian for ''fast'' (not an acronym). It is the name for a hypertext system for websites where the user may not only read the content but is also able to change it instantaneously through the browser. Syntax repariert (Bsp)
  • neuer GMUGestaltung medialer Umgebungen Skin, der alte ist unter GMUClassic unter "My Preferences" einzustellen
  • moveable Toc
  • mp3 player
  • Edit-Sections with Icon
  • Now with funky scriptaculous framework :)
  • Fixed img z-index (z-index scheint nur mit position:relative korrekt zu funktionieren :scratchhead:)
  • Page-Redirect wird nun angezeigt
  • URLuniform resource locator – a human readable web address which is looked up by the →DNS and translated into an →IP Address-Rewrite (ohne index.php5); Dank an Moritz!
  • Discussion Link zeigt nun ob bereits eine vorhanden ist oder nicht
  • Neue Link-, URI-, Edit- und Filetype-Icons
  • Externe Images können nun verwendet werden
  • Interne/Externe Links werden deutlicher unterschieden Linktest
  • Fixed Upload Probleme
  • Überarbeitetes Print-Stylesheet
  • Random Image Extension
  • Talk-Namespaces repariert
  • fix pre Bug and reenable catSelector:
// In SelectCategoryTagCloud.body (line 271, in function fnSelectCategoryStripCats)
$m_cleanText .= trim(preg_replace( "/{$m_pattern}/i", "", $m_textLine ))  . "\n";
// Change to:  
$m_cleanText .= preg_replace( "/{$m_pattern}/i", "", $m_textLine )  . "\n";


  • Sammlung Vorschläge BISON:
    • Verbesserung Interface / Benutzerführung Vorlesungsverzeichnis
  • UK1. Universitätskommunikation – a service of the university taking care of public relations 2. United Kingdom: Vorschläge zur Verbesserung der Uni-CICorporate Identity (Erscheinungsbild)

Im WikiHaiwaiian for ''fast'' (not an acronym). It is the name for a hypertext system for websites where the user may not only read the content but is also able to change it instantaneously through the browser.: