Meandering Works
week 1
Course application
Apply a droplet of paint on a piece of paper. In order to draw a curve you just have to make a circle around your own axes with the piece of water in your hand

Course Application

week 3

Random functions

Assignment 1

Random Curve

week 4

The week of the turtle

Here I altered the original turtle in a way that it would change size with each step, and I altered the angle size
The second assignment was to create a turtle yourself, I created a grasshopper instead. Because it jumps from one place to the other according to the commands you give it. Commands are: left, right, up, down, and change shape
Altered Turtle

Altered Turtle


week 5

Week of fractals. the commands of the fractals are:
1 right
2 upwards
2 rightwards
2 downwards
1 left

Implemented in a turtle-like code and a GUIGraphical User Interface code
Turtle Fractal
Turtle Fractal

GUI Fractal
GUIGraphical User Interface Fractal

week 6 & 7

Braitenberg Vehicles

these vehicles are following the light and avoiding the trees of the picture. Once they move out of the screen they are placed back in the middle of the landscape to start their journey all over again
Braitenberg Snowvehicles
Snow Vehicle

Other Works

Click for curves that follow noise fields

ACC Gallery

Simulation of Sandpile Simulation
Still from Video

Altered Sandpile Simulation from Martin
Altered Sandpile model