Sommersemester 2020

Coming Soon: Interface Design Group Weekly Course Schedule

Projektmodule / Project Modules:

Werk- und Fachmodule:

  • Acoustic Interfaces (Fachmodul) - Clemens Wegener
  • Photography and the Machine (Fachmodul) - Jesús Velázquez
  • Prototyping for Doomsday (Fachmodul) - Jesús Velázquez
  • Designing Interactions: Prototyping Networked Things (Fachmodul) - Brian Larson Clark
  • Burn out, mess up! Electronic Fundamentals für Artists, Designers & Interface Designers (Fachmodul) - Jan Sieber


  • Kolloquium - Jason Reizner, Brian Clark, Clemens Wegener, Jesús Velázquez