Sophia Amelia Eickhoff

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For my project I want to design a device that helps me to better understand and perceive my environment. For this purpose, sensors are sewn in which will collect specific values from different circumstances. I measure my own electrical currents to observe whether different circumstances have an influence on my body,In many cultures, as in science, it is believed that where we are and the circumstances of that place affect our body energy, posture and soul. The more consciously we move within it, the more our spirit is able to evolve and see and understand the world in a divine way. I have been dealing with spiritual questions and doubts for a long time. With these observations I hope for small revelations. as well in the time where I am creating and moving.

"Nature is the great tranquillity compared to our mobility. That is why man will love it more and more the finer and more mobile he becomes." -Christian Morgenstern


File:CONCEPT OCE 2005221UD.pdf


File:Präsentation Anthroprosophy.pdf