Paola S. Calderón/Project: Specimen ''Physarum Polycephalum''./Investigation around Aliivibrio Fischeri.

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Invesigation: Aliivibrio Fischeri

Here can be found all the information around the specimen.

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- This specimen is found globally in marine environments.

- Is found in very low quantities in almost all oceans of the world in temperate or subtropical water, lives as a symbiont in the light organ of certain fish and squid species. Grows at temperatures of 24°.

- The bioluminescence of A. Fischeri is caused by transcription of the lux operon, which is induced through population-dependent quorum sensing. The population of this specimen needs to reach an optimal level to activate the lux operon and stimulate light production.

- Many people have work with this specimen trying to make their own version of the medium. Common ingredients in most media include Tryptone, yeast extract, glycerol, and roughly 3% NaCl by weight.

- Medium:

  • NaCl 30 g
  • Glycerol 1 g
  • Pepton (Bacxto-peptone) 10 g
  • Meat extract 3 g
  • Made up with distilled water to 1000 ml