Paola S. Calderón/Project: Specimen ''Physarum Polycephalum''./Diary of work: Alii Vibrio Fischeri

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Experimentation with Alii Vibrio Fischeri.

Here can be found the diary of work made with this specimen.

  • Day 1: The extraction of Alii Vibrio Fischeri from a living natural environment (took from an octopus). The process consists in taking a sample from the living specimen where the shining in the dark can be seen and then taking a piece of the meet where this specimen lives and putting them all inside of the medium. The sample has to be in a place with 20°C of temperature and in darkness.


  • Day 4: I failed to extract the Alii Vibrio Fischeri into the medium, after three days there was no blue glowing as seen in the first day inside the medium that I made. My hypothesis is that the specimen wasn't in the same original conditions from where it comes from, and it couldn´t survive.

CONCLUSIONS: Because I failed in the extraction of the Aliivibrio Fischeri, I will start with the cultivation of Polycephalum/physarum in order to confirm if this specimen can be cultivated in salty environments, and more specifically if it can survive in a 3% concentration of NaCl medium. According to the previous investigations of Dussutour, it is possible for it to survive in salinity environments, so I will explore this idea.