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Playing in a Laptop Orchestra: La Roda

Instructor: Barcelona Laptop Orchestra

Workshop description

In this workshop, the participants will have a chance to experience what playing in a Laptop Orchestra is like. We will build the instruments and rehearse the piece, described at the concert's page. The final concert will take place on Wednesday, at the Radio Lotte Sendesaal.

All the files shown and used during the workshop will be available through this page, to encourage La Roda Jam Sessions all week long.

BEWARE: The rehearsal will take longer than the scheduled time; we will probably stay at the room for a time. There will also be a final rehearsal and sound check on Wednesay, before the concert (outside the workshops' time). Please make sure you will be able to come; otherwise, you can attend the workshop as a passive participant, build your patch and join -or create ;)- a La Roda Jam Session later.

Material needed for the workshop

Client files

Server files

See also: PDCON:Concerts/Quim Llimona, John O'connell, William Goutfreind, Alex Barrachina

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