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  • Thanks for an awesome convention. Huge thanks to Max and Bjorn for organising things so well. Great stuff guys... – Ed K. Great Britain
  • It was a blast to be there and it was a beautiful convention. Thank you really a lot for everything – Paloma O. Brazil
  • OK, now I have to admit, it was just great :)) thx for organising all these interesting presentations, concerts and all the nice Pd stuff (I have to chew on that for a while..) – Paul G. Austria
  • It was a great conference, I'm looking forward to the performances and late nights next time round (wherever it may be). Till next time – Donna L. Canada
  • Hello, everybody together, it was to be very nicely with the Pd-Convention11. Many thanks over again for the great work, workshops and organisation! Eduardo F. Brazil
  • Hello everybody.. Maybe nothing new to say... but... it was a very interesting convention!, was great to meet new faces.. and hopefully see you in forthcoming projects or conventions.. Ruben D. Germany
  • THKS! TO ALL; WE DID IT! long life Pure Data – Montse T. Spain
  • Dearest All! This week was a blast! Many, many thanks to everyone who made this great meeting possible! I'm pleased to have met this bunch of such great people! Looking forward to hear from you and see you again! Best wishes – Michael Z. Austria
  • Great to meet you all. Hopefully see you at the next one. – Richard G. Great Britain
  • It was a real great pleasure to be with you all. I have now fresh mental food to digest for some weeks while I work, cook, bike and live around. See you and thanks for the companionship! – Regis F. Brazil
  • It was nice to meet you and as others just say, what an exciting week! I wish we could make it soon again. –Ricardo C. Germany
  • Useless to say it was an amazing week, packed of awesome contents and people! A big thanks to the organization and to all the delegates that made this Convention another unforgettable one – Marco D. Italy
  • Amazing biers with you guys. fantastics patches and new fresh ideas. – Ricardo P. Brazil
  • I also want to thank everybody in this awesome community. – Michael S. Germany
  • What an amazing week, still can't believe it! – Quim L. Spain
  • I really enjoyed being in Weimar, meeting you and listening to or watching your contributions. Thanks again to the organizers for their amazing work! – Thomas G. Austria
  • Thanks folks at Weimar and Berlin, it was an excellent convention. – Pedro L. Portugal
  • Almost nothing to add to these previous messages, only that I really really enjoyed being in Weimar and Berlin as well. Thanks again to Max, Bjoern, Joao and many others for their contribution! – Funs S. Netherlands
  • Thanks to all the organizers! Last week was really great – I'm still exhausted. I'm inspired to try having some Pd workshops of my own – Charles H. USA
  • Indeed, it was a really enjoyable week. Too bad that I missed some occasions to hang out in the evenings with you. Anyway, I'm glad to have you all seen. – Roman H. Switzerland
  • It was a really nice week – my congratulation to all involved specially for the team Max, Bjorn, Joao, Carsten, Pad and all that I forgot the name now, vielen dank – Giuliano O. Brazil
  • I'd like to also chime in and say it was a great time. Good to meet old friends and make new ones. I look forward to the next PdCon whether it be in Pittsburgh, Japan, France, Africa, Antarctica, or Mars (here's hoping for Mars). - Dan W. USA
  • A very big thanks goes to the organizers of PdCon11 and to the community of good people. I really enjoyed my time at the convention and like everybody else I am looking forward to the next one!! – Koray T. Finnland
  • joop saluti a tutti & thanks for this nice time! hasta leguan – olsen W. Switzerland
  • I was having a very good time in PdCon. I learned a lot from workshops and meet some great guys. – Jinyao L. Taiwan
  • After working at numerous festivals and conferences I'd like to mention that this event, though student organized, ran really well. I think this is due both to a great working team but also to the Pd community members who took part. The mix of technical and creative practices was done here with a real spirit of communication and sharing, and it worked. - Kyd Campbell, Canada/Germany
  • Looking back on the year, I can say that the convention (and the times around it) were a highpoint. Thank you everyone for all your hard work and hello to all the great people I met. - Alexandre C. Québec"
  • I got the (very well produced) proceedings today – congrats on a job well done, and thanks for the copies & other goodies! – Miller P. USA

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4th international Pure Data Convention 2011 Weimar ~ Berlin