Decolonial Body Resonance/ Going inwards

In African Cosmology of the Bantu-Kongo, Fu-Kiau writes about the seventh plane that all humans possess. This seventh plane refers to the ability to go inwards. It is responsible for one’s creativity, connection to one’s true essence, and satisfaction with life. When one is oppressed in any way by the world around (colonialism, sexual violence, or gendered violence), this seventh plane gets fractured. This project seeks ways to research and manifest ways of healing the seventh plane by re-establishing a connection with the body.

This project makes use of sound and video as modes of intervention into the subject of healing. An audio-visual (possibly interactive, using VR) installation making use of video projections, spatialized sound and elements of sound installation. The sonic meditations will consist of field recordings, archival recordings, ambient sounds, recordings of rituals and ceremonies. Mixing more popular forms like songwriting with experimental electroacoustic elements, and sacred with the commonplace.

A metaphorical walk tracing intergenerational trauma and the manifestations of trauma in the body. Tracing ancestral wisdom and knowledge and fighting the erasure that’s been imposed by colonial violence. The walk will be a symbol to dive into different spaces and reflections. Through cultural hybridity (Karachi, Berlin, Weimar), and observations of the landscape, nature (trees, water, horizon), liminal spaces, the ancestral ghosts will be traced that lurk helplessly, waiting to be invoked.

Summary: interventions on decolonial ways of healing. Searching for the sacred and the commonplace and the play between the two.

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