I want to generate questions about how the funtion of our mind is related to a network system.

A Live inquiry and participatory piece about what make us take decisions online, as a reflection of our mental habits. An “inner voice” talking in first person, will appear in different ways or expresions, to show different options to “flow” physically through hints, specific areas and “stations” (questioning and scrutinazing). This should be presented in a simple and flexible way.

An Hybrid, that uses different kind of artistic expresions (recordings, photo, drawing, etc) or/and a couple of “altern projects” to simulate our choosing systems.

Headphones for the audience in order to listen for description of the works. From 1rst perspective. Some network/map will be created in order to access the description of the work.


• requirements: 1 or 2 Outlets, and if existing or possible: audio guides or earphones. Chair and table if available, if not anyway, I will use the already existing elements (space, floor) of the asignated place. • set-up: Open, but if possible half day or more. • duration: The duration of the general worshop