03.06.2021 sensor arrived / try and error

I connected the pulse sensor to Max and had some troubles on my way there.

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 11.16.31.png

As the sensor is sensitive to light, I came up with the idea to put it inside a box. I seems to make a difference, but I am not sure.

Pulse Sensor to Max 1.jpg

I used similar objects from the "sensing physical parameters" patch and an Arduino code I found online.

Pulse Sensor to Max 2.jpg

I have no clue how to connect the input from the sensor to the webcam image. I am searching online, but I haven’t found good references / tutorial how to distort a live image with specific data input. I would be very happy for any hint. During the research, I found the method of using the webcam as the tool to measure your heart rate. I think this would be way more interesting!! [1] Using the webcam as the sensor and for creating the visuals as well.

PPG forehead.png

What I am imagining right now, but don’t know where to start is the following: The visitor is coming closer to the screen, seeing itself inside the webcam. The pulse gets identified by the webcam and the human is recognized as well, (ideally turns red-ish; opacitiy 50%; maybe by using the cellblock object?) The pixels of the human stretches to the rhythm of the pulse.

04.06.2021 manipulate webcam image by pixels

Please find here the patch: File:210604_Project.maxpat

I can't figure out how to create a new image / video from the edited cellblock (the edited pixels). Do you have a tutorial or references for that? I am wondering if a command which manipulates the whole image - not individual pixels - would be interesting. Probably that's why you recommended jit.gl.pix, but I can't make it work.

Manipulate webcam image.png

Here are some reference videos I found online

  • Turning my face into a drum [2]
  • Creating Images with jit.matrix [3]
  • RGB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Red Green Blue]] Colorspace Glitch Effect [4]

10.06.2021 exploring effects

update from the pixel manipulation

I was not so happy with the pixel manipulation. Online, I found an effect that I really like. It’s used for motion tracking. If the object is still, you don't see it. If it moves, you can hardly see the outline. If it moves faster, you can see more and more.

I simply changed the color of the image with jit.unpack and jit.pack. For capturing a snapshot, I used the microphone which is triggered by snapping fingers or clapping hands. Every snapshot should be saved directly, but somehow this didn’t work. You can save it manually right now.

Here is the patch File:210609_Moving Fast.maxpat and some screenshots