Mechanic Entities explore nature as their habitat. An observation of the performative behavior of mechanic devices in a surrounding called nature (or better: the opposite of their usual habitat). Offer them a stage for spiritual rituals. What happens when mechanic entities leave their normal habitat and are exposed to nature? What happens when they find themselves in places where humans celebrated their rituals before? How can these mechanic entities look like? How do they behave? Are they able to adapt?

As one inspirational image I found a painting from [Simon Stålenhag]:


Step1: Last week I went to a junkyard to get materials that I would like to use for this project including all kinds of "moving devices" like e.g. ventilators from PC's:


Step2: Dismantled the fan and connected it to a 9Volt battery. Tried to regulate the speed with a potentiometer.

[First heartbeats]

During the last day of our excursion to Sauen I went to the woods and found a device attached to a tree:

Device in the woods.jpg

Device in the woods closer.jpg

I found some interesting data stored on a SD-card within that device.

Some thoughts on nature and the civilized world:

E1: civilized world structured in a linear/geometric way, aims for simplicity, brings out complex structures and beings that are able and are NOT able to communicate with each other in a proper way. As a human entity I feel a lot of stress in that environment and feel the urge to fit into that structure or otherwise I will get left behind.

E2: nature unstructured or structured in a more chaotic way, aims to stay alive and bring out more and more complex beings that are able to adapt themselves to their surrounding (evolutionary process). Most entities within that environment are able to communicate within a network that is depending on each other e.g. mycelium. As a human entity I feel more relaxed in that surrounding and I feel like I am part of something bigger.

I want to emphasized that E1 and E2 are not to be seen as opposite positions within a binary system and I don't claim my observations to be necessary true or scientifically right. This is just the attempt to define characteristics of two environments that are of certain interest for me during the project. Interpretations may vary.

Question to keep in mind: What does the urge of “wanting to fit into a structure” have to do with current social/political events(Migration/ Terrorism)!?