Plug&Play - Connecting Everyday Things
Instructor: Jan Sieber
Credits: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Capacity: max. 8 students
Language: English
Location: Hybrid
First Meeting: 22 October 2021


This experimental interdisciplinary course focuses on transforming things we use or encounter in our everyday lives into communication partners. For us, for themselves, for anything in the physical world, or for something yet unknown somewhen in thing’s future. We will setup environments we know, spaces we feel fine to be in. Maybe a zoo, a student’s wohngemeinschaft, a krautrock band? Designing these physical ‚The Sims‘ versions will take us to exploring the ways how to make objects move and see, talk and listen, or even dream, think and be creative. It’s gone take a lot of tinkering and electronic disaster managing until we'll find a babel fish protocol for our objects to let them build an ubiquitous computing world, with or without us. Results might be nonsense, on first sight. And they could also lead us to basic questions of media design and arts.

Admission requirements

Basic knowledge in physical computing, coding, interface design. Please submit a short electronic letter of motivation is highly appreciated since the class capacity has to be limited: jan.michael.sieber[ät]uni-weimar.de

Eligible participants

Qualified BFABachelor of Fine Arts – undergraduate students will graduate with this degree/MFAMaster of Fine Arts – graduate students will receive this degree Medienkunst/-gestaltung, MFAMaster of Fine Arts – graduate students will receive this degree Media Art and Design, MSc MediaArchitecture candidates



Course Material