First Assignment

Redesigning The Course's Website

The Old WikiHaiwaiian for ''fast'' (not an acronym). It is the name for a hypertext system for websites where the user may not only read the content but is also able to change it instantaneously through the browser. course site was just plain boring, so i redesigned it, using some of the techniques that we will discuss with this seminar.

Ifd mobileapps mame 001.jpg

Die Piazza WebApp

Ifd mobileapps mame 002.jpg

This is a small mobile website featuring the famous "Piazza" which is used by students to sell, share or contribute all kind of things and events. All data are fetched via the Facebook-APIApplication Programming Interface using JSON[[JSON|JavaScript Object Notation]] Format-Data.

You can use this site via

Second Assignment

The Arc Clock

Ifd mobileapps mame 003.jpg

A simple clock build with arc's. With every second and minute the background gradient will change (try setting your clock to another time!)