IFD:Mobile Apps with HTML5/AdrianaR

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Task 1-2
HTML5 & CSS 1(a,b)
HTML5 & CSS 2(a,b)
jQuery Mobile (fail)

Task 3
Playing with time (a)

Task 4

Task 5 (experimenting with "prompt window")
Drawing with text
Experimenting with simple game (developing, Pt I)

Task 6
Game "rock, paper, scissors" using form data storage (developing, Pt II)

Work pending to do here:

 *to check when it's a tie
 *to use images
 *to finish the final style
 *to allow only the use of the words "rock", "paper", "scissors". In other words, that restrain the user's possibility to type different words from these ones in the "options" input.
 *to use the device motion to generate a random choice for the user.

Task 7