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''Maximum Number of Participants:'' 25 <br/>
''Maximum Number of Participants:'' 25 <br/>
''Course Language:'' English or German<br/>
''Course Language:'' English or German<br/>
''First meeting:'' xx.04.2016, xx:00 h <br/>
''First meeting:'' tba <br/>
''Date:'' to be announced <!-- Day of week, 00:00 until 00:00 h < !-- please respect [[Zeitraster]] --><br />
''Date:'' Tuesdays, 9:15-12:30 <!-- Day of week, 00:00 until 00:00 h < !-- please respect [[Zeitraster]] --><br />
''Venue:'' [[Marienstraße 7b]], Room to be announced<br />
''Venue:'' [[Marienstraße 7b]], Room 104d<br />
== Description (EN) ==
== Description (EN) ==

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Werkmodul und Fachmodul
Title (alt): Media Arts Award 2016
Lecturer(s): Linda Schumann (verantwortlich) with help from Michael Markert, Jason Reizner, Martin Schied, Florian Wittig
Credits/SWS[[SWS|Semesterwochenstunden]]: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Maximum Number of Participants: 25
Course Language: English or German
First meeting: tba
Date: Tuesdays, 9:15-12:30
Venue: Marienstraße 7b, Room 104d

Description (EN)

We're organising the Medienkunstpreis 2016 for our Summary in July! Join the team and help creating this important event. You will not only have the chance to get to know notable figures in Media Art and Design, but also be involved in curating, organising and designing the exhibition concept.

Description (DE)

Wir organisieren den Medienkunstpreis 2016 für den Summary im Juli! Komm in unser Team und hilf mit dieses wichtige und relevante Kunstereignis an unserer Hochschule mit zu gestalten. Dabei werden wir nicht nur interessante und wichtige Personen des Kunstbetriebs (für die Jury) treffen, sondern auch an der Kuratierung und dem Ausstellungsdesign arbeiten.

Admission requirements / Voraussetzung zur Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung

There are no pre-requisites for this module.

Registration procedure / Anmeldung

Please send your application by email with the Subject Medienkunstpreis2016 to: jason.reizner (at) uni-weimar.de

  • Name, Surname
  • program and semester (Studienprogramm und Fachsemester)
  • matriculation number (Matrikelnummer)
  • Valid email address @uni-weimar.de (no other mailing addresses will be accepted) Why?

Evaluation / Geforderte Prüfungsleistung zur Erlangung eines Leistungsnachweises

For Bachelor Students:

  • Active participation and Teamwork
  • Being responsible for one specific task
  • Designing, creating or writing something (Invitations, Posters, Logos, Website ...)
  • Working on the realisation of exciting ideas

For Master Students:

  • Active participation and Teamwork
  • Being responsible for one specific task
  • Designing or creating a conceptually relevant advanced task (Exhibition Space Concept, Corporate Identity, Spatial Concept ...)
  • Creating, sharing and realising exciting ideas

Eligible participants / Zielgruppe

Everyone interested is welcome


Termine des Semesters

  1. xx.xx.2016: First Meeting
  2. ...


  • Up to date information in the course's page on the MediaWiki