Title (alt): Masterprojekt Sommersemester 2016
Lecturer(s): Vertr. Prof. Michael Markert
Credits/SWS[[SWS|Semesterwochenstunden]]: 18 ECTS, 12 SWS
Maximum Number of Participants: 25
Course Language: English
First meeting: 14.April 2016, 09:15 h Subject to Change!
Date: Thursdays, 9:15 until 12:00 h for Theory Meetings and

Thursdays, 13:30 to ~18:30 h for Excursions (not every week)
Venue: Marienstraße 7b, Room to be announced

Description (EN)


Description (DE)



  • Our main objective will be the concept development for the University's digital Bauhaus Spaziergang
  • Mobile Networked Technologies, Connected Devices and the Internet of Things
  • Location Based Data & Mobile User Interfaces
  • Augmented Spaces
  • Smartphone Sensors
  • Spatial information, quality and organization of space
  • Temporal aspects of space
  • Navigation / Routing / Means of Transport
  • Dérive and Getting Lost
  • ...
  • Mobile Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Server-Side Technologies: PHP[[PHP|PHP Hypertext Processor]], Node.js, Websockets
  • Communication Protocols: TCP/IP[[TCP/IP UDP]] Internet protocol suite, UDP, OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]]
  • About Webapps, Hybrid Apps and Native Apps
  • ...

Admission requirements / Voraussetzung zur Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung

  • see Registration Procedure below

Registration procedure / Anmeldung

Please send your application until Saturday, April 8, 8 am (morning) by email with the Subject MasterprojectSS16 to: michael.markert (at)

  • Name, Surname
  • program and semester (Studienprogramm und Fachsemester)
  • matriculation number (Matrikelnummer)
  • Angabe der geltenden Prüfungsordnung
  • Valid email address (no other mailing addresses will be accepted) Why?
  • Information about what other courses you are planning to register for this semester
  • Short sentence on why you want to participate in this course.

What happens if there are more than 10 registrations (to be expected):

  • The first 10 registrations will be accepted (first come, first serve)
  • Registrations #11 to #35 will receive an on hold message and will be notified until Tuesday, April 12 if they are accepted. Criteria for acceptance will be (in this order)
    • Your motivation and your intent to participate on the main project topic (Bauhaus-Spaziergang)
    • You must have time on Thursdays (before noon and afternoon!)
    • If you need to enrol because your study regulations require taking this module
    • Time of registration (first come, first serve)
    • Previous knowledge (we're interested in having great projects at the end of the semester)
    • You're working on a Master-Thesis at the chair of Interface Design
  • Registrations #36 onwards will be denied.
  • If there are more than 25 students in the first meeting, you will not be allowed to join the course if:
    • You didn't register by E-Mail
    • You did register after April 8

Evaluation / Geforderte Prüfungsleistung zur Erlangung eines Leistungsnachweises

  1. Active participation (no more than two missed classes!)
  2. At least two individual consultations (Tuesday afternoons)
  3. Midterm assignment (required, even though the midterm grade is just for your information)
  4. Presentation at the end of the lecture period, this includes presentations at our Interface Design ShowReel and during the Summaery
  5. Final assignment at the end of the semester including documentation: Artistic examination (see Examination Regulations!)
  6. Uploading your work in progress in our project collaboration tool, respecting deadlines

Eligible participants / Zielgruppe

Master students enrolled in the Faculties of Media, Design and MediaArchitecture


Termine des Semesters

  1. 14.04.2016: First Meeting, Intro (Subject to Change, please check one week before the course will start!)
  2. 21.04.2016:
  3. 28.04.2016:
  4. 05.05.2016: no meeting due to Holiday (Christi Himmelfahrt)
  5. 12.05.2016:
  6. 19.05.2016:
  7. 26.05.2016:
  8. 02.06.2016:
  9. 09.06.2016:
  10. 16.06.2016:
  11. 23.06.2016:
  12. 30.06.2016:
  13. 07.07.2016:
  14. 14.07.2016:


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