Origins of Photogrammetry

Albrecht Meydenbauer

Aimé Laussedat

Camera Lucida

Stereo photography

Aerial photogrammetry



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Open source solutions

VisualSFM: A Visual Structure from Motion System (outdated, still works on some platforms, please test)

Micmac, photogrammetry software developped at the IGN (French National Geographic Institute) and ENSG (French national school for geographic sciences). Should work on all platforms, calculations on CPUCentral Processing Unit, an →IC, generally refered to as the processor in a computer only.

Meshlab: open source system for processing and editing 3D triangular meshes. All platforms

Blender: free and open source 3D creation suite. All platforms

Pointcloud to mesh script for blender


Proprietary software solution #1

Agisoft Metashape

  • All platforms / CUDACompute Unified Device Architecture or OpenCL
  • Pro & Standard editions
  • 1 time license purchase
  • Educational license option
  • Demo version (full workflow except for exports)