Physical effects and sensors / actors

List of Sensors and actors, no matter if connectable to the Arduino Board or not - categorized by physical effects. Feel free to add ideas or comments to each section or create a new section.


add moisture: pump
remove moisture: heat, pump, hair dryer

resistance of base material (paper + salt), moisture sensors, resistance of water, capacitive measurement


Sensor: piezo Actor: vibration motor, all kinds of motors, speakers, many mechanical actors


Resistive Sensor, All kinds of electric heating like Toaster,


Audible Toys, Keyboards, Audio players, Generated Audio on Arduino

microphone: dynamic, piezo, capacitive (electrete capsule) actor: speakers, motors,

(Air) pressure

sensor: microphone, bend sensors on flexible surface, vacuum cleaner, fans, balloon pumps, hair drier

Air movement

air speed measurement fan, hair drier,


LEDLight-emitting diode, computer screens, bulbs, photo flashes,

Graphical output / Displays

LEDLight-emitting diode 7 segment display, LCD, TFT, hacked video signal, data projector, overhead projector with changing image, slide projector


Motors, Fans, Servo, Stepper Motor, DC / Brushless Motors, Hard drive Sensors: light barrier, frequency measurement: magnet (reed-contact) rotary encoder, video analysis,

Linear movement - push - pull

Solenoids, Linear motor, Motor with belt or bolt + nut, CD1. [[Bauhaus-Universität Corporate Design|Corporate Design]] 2. Compact Disc-Rom, toy cars, toy railway, Printers, Scanners

distance sensors: optical, pedometer, acoustic (ultrasonic / audible), hacked optical ps/2 mouse

Position (2D)

radio controlled Toys, displays, object moved by air movement, ...


AM or FM transmitter AM or FM receiver

In the Lab:

  • Bunch of Fans (approx. 20 pieces, all similar: 12V, 60x60mm)
  • different Small speakers and ear plugs
  • 10 W audio Amplifier
  • Stepper motors, unipolar and bipolar
  • 1 Solenoid 12V
  • Small lamps
  • 1 TV-Receiver
  • IR Light with Brightness sensor
  • many small DC-Motors (5 or 12V)
  • different cheap cell phones
  • Vacuum cleaner

I can bring

Please add your name and stuff you can bring. (choose a nick name if you don't want to have your real name here):

Martin Schied

  • Different Toy-Keyboards
  • 2 Water pumps (DC, 12V)
  • 2 Motors from vacuum cleaner (including fan), 230V DC, but runs pretty fast on 24V
  • old CDROM drive


  • servo motors (~15)
  • DC motors (~15)
  • stepper motors without driver (~5)
  • super-tiny solar cars (5)
  • Körperschallerzeuger (2) (*)


old Scanner old Printer RC-Car or other RC toys