This course is meant for artists and designers who want to explore the world of electronics in an experimental way to develop and improve their projects, their artworks and prototypes, on the basis of fundamental knowledge in electronics and physical computing.

It will shove you from the basics of electricity, key electronic components and essential principles to experiments with circuits, switching circuits, integrated circuits and programmable microcontrollers.

You will get to know the necessary tools in the Interface Design Electronics Lab and learn how to solder, measure and choose electronic components. We will discuss how to embed electronics in your projects, how to make it stable to be exhibited and tested and how to document your work. And you will set up your own little electronics tinkering & innovation workspace.

For our experiments you will need to spend approx. 25€ for electronics, about 35€ for tools (essentials for your own electronics lab: pliers, soldering iron, multimeter, screwdrivers) and optionally 20€ for an Arduino microcontroller board.

Headset or headphones + stable internet connection needed to follow the online lectures.