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  - [https://www.rme-audio.de/products/fireface_800.php Fireface 800]
  - [https://www.rme-audio.de/products/fireface_800.php Fireface 800]
=== Power  
=== MPS-488 HP (I) ===
*Power supplier for multiple speakers.
- Power supplier for 8 Surround-Speakers
*Sound workstation(The most right Mac Pro).
*Last but the most important!  Your sound player.
=== MPS-488 HP (II) ===
- Power supplier for 2 Stereo Speakers and 2 Bass-Speakers
=== Surround Speakers ===
- 8 ... Speakers
=== Stereo Speakers ===
- 2 ... Speakers
- 2 ... Bass-Speakers
== Let's play the Sound ==
== Let's play the Sound ==

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In the Digital Lab you could find two kind of sound playing system: 『Stereo Sound System』and 『Multi-Channels Sound System』. In this case, I will introduce how to set up and playing your sound with Stereo sound system and some about trouble-shooting.

Hardware Setup

There are totally four workstations in Digital Lab, and the right most one is used for dealing with sound playback. Location is shown below:



- Enigma (Mac-Pro on the left side of the right table)


RME Fireface UFX

- Fireface UFX Product Page

RME Fireface 800

- Fireface 800

MPS-488 HP (I)

- Power supplier for 8 Surround-Speakers

MPS-488 HP (II)

- Power supplier for 2 Stereo Speakers and 2 Bass-Speakers

Surround Speakers

- 8 ... Speakers

Stereo Speakers

- 2 ... Speakers - 2 ... Bass-Speakers

Let's play the Sound

Step 1- Connect the 3.5 phone jack wire(already connected with workstation) to your sound player

Sound Cable.jpg

Step 2- Turn on 『Power supplier for multiple speakers』
The power supplier is located behind the right sight of video wall.

Power supplier.jpg
power supplier
power supplier

Step 3- Turn on 『RME Fireface UFX, FireFace 800 Audio Interface and the right side MacPro 』.

Fireface UFX & Fireface 800
Mac Pro workstation

p.s.Make sure following the ordering of first turn on power supplier then audio interface, but turn off audio interface at first then power supplier. If you break this rule, the electrical peak will harm the audio system. We believe that this definitely is a bad news for all users.

Step 4- Setting up on RME Fireface UFX (For those who only want to play stereo sound, they don’t need to download the drivers and control panel. In the other word, you will need to install them if you want to play multiple sound tracks.)

Example of control panel: TotalMix(For signal manage and post-mix. Stereo playing is Channel 1/2)


- There are there main playback modes:

  • Phones output 11/12(extra monitor using)
phone output

  • Main output(What we use!)
Master output

  • ADAT output 13/14(Only for digital Optical system)
Adat optical ouput

- You could press the Volume knob to switch between the above three modes, and spin it to adjust the volume as you wish.

Volume adjust

Done!! Enjoy the Sound

Trouble shooting

Situation 1: You've already plug in sound cable but nothing happened?


  • Check if you have turned both power supplier for speaker system and sound workstation(Mac pro)on.
  • Check if you have already turned on the Fireface UFX and Fireface 800.

Situation 2: All are truned on but still no sound?


  • Check the Mac Pro and go to RME setting application(within the deck of desktop)to see if the sound card is selected to "Fireface 800" correctly.
  • Open up the totalmix control panel, sending sound signal from your playing device, then check it there has signal in the stereo channal(Default is 1/2).
  • Check if you have already chose the "Main out" as output mode correctly, and of course, volume up until you could listen somthing.