Controlling Unity with IanniX

This is a step by step tutorial on how to use IanniX to control 100 objects in Unity using 50 cursors and 50 triggers in Unity 3D.


In this tutorial we will set up IanniX on one computer (the sender) and Unity on another computer (the receiver). We will then use IanniX to play a musical score, which will be interpreted and performed by Unity 3D.

PART 1: Preparations

  1. Make sure Iannix is installed on the sender.
  2. Make sure Unity is installed on the receiver.
  3. Make sure that both computers can connect (use ping)

PART 2: Setting up the Sender

STEP 1 on the Sender:
Open the Rosette Example in IanniX

  1. In the IanniX inspector open the FILES tab, pick Examples > Rosette (double click)
  2. Click OK, to create the default rosette with 50 circles.
  3. You can play the example (hit space bar) and reset it (press F)

STEP 2 on the Sender:
Configure Yannix to send messages to Unity

  1. In Iannix, go to the inspector, pick the CONFIG tab, and the NETWORK tab below it.
  2. Make sure that enable OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] is checked
  3. Below set DEFAULT IP1. Internet Protocol 2. Intellectual property to the IP1. Internet Protocol 2. Intellectual property of your target machine
    (Use if you run both programs on the same machine)
    This is the machine where IanniX will send its OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] messages
  4. Make sure the remote port is set to `57120`, which is the default port used by IanniX.
    This is the port where IanniX will send its OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] messages.

PART 3: Setting up the Receiver

STEP 1 on the Receiver:
Install the Iannix-Unity Patch

  1. Create a new Unity Project
  2. On the receiver, download the zip file with the Iannix-Unity Scripts and extract it.
  3. Add the scripts and plugins folder to project assets in Unity