The Era of CHAOS

Centuries long, humans’ minds have been confused and polluted by overwhelming fragmented inputs, breaking languages into pieces, destroying thoughts into rubles. Minds are jammed by the debris of information. Souls feel dying like drowning in a sealed pot containing only endless hyper-fragments. In this fraction desert a trace of fresh are nearly impossible to be found. Where are these broken pieces from our mind palaces? How it happens? How to stop? More and more questions with no answers are carried across generations. Slowly the few blurry clues dissolve and even the questions themselves fade away. In the end, CHAOS is the only thing left. We are lost, very lost. A scenario of a „Bright“ future:

Groups of surviving human beings try to have a new order of the world build, after having enough suffers from living in a fully fragmented and decontextualized information environment. The new way toward a structured life is wrapping their fears and mess into a new faith, a religion and a holy god - God of Chaos. So their few remaining feeling of safety can be kept and souls can be empowered by fears and chaos.

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