File:Soundenvironment Rama.pdf

This is a picture of a soundenvironment I drew for the first assignment. It represents how I imagine sound in our surroundings.

Soundwalk/ Soundperformance: Later on I made a performance to design a reinterpretation of my drawing. I builded an installation with this picture hanging on a wall and, triggered by a timer, a lamp shines on the picture when I start it. This happened while I was performing with several vibrating electronic devices and a feedback stream, made by an piezo-microphone and a loudspeaker against an glass obstacle. With showing the picture and darken it again, I tried to refresh the mind of the audience, so they could pick a new part of the picture and dive in the picture, imagining it while its darken again. The performance was 17 minutes long and was holden in an long reflecting and reverting hallway.