GMU:The Unstrument/Angelica Sohn

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The Unstrument


Sound Drawings

1. Sounds from a space

These sound waves are a coalescence of the musical presence in my living space.


I share the living space with three music students, who all study different subjects: conducting, singing, and percussion, and their various backgrounds transform our living environment into a unique, musical space. The waves do not necessarily represent specific kind of sounds each flatmate makes but the overall sound heard from different parts of the apartment.

2. Moving Mouths


This drawing was done while watching a soccer game on television. Although I am not a fan of soccer, I have always found the energy at sports games contagious. I was in awe of the fans who were united in their love for the sport and the team; they were filled with excitement and absolutely exuding it. What would it be like to be one of thousands mouths generating emotional sounds at the same time? How would the shape of the mouth change at different points of the game?

3. A fond memory


For the last drawing, I thought back to a simple but very fond memory of mine – when my parents and I made homemade dumplings in our living room. It was a very normal night for us. The TV was on in the background, and we were sitting on the floor, putting the stuffing into the dough. I remember my dad decided to help out; together, the three of us just talked and made dumplings together. At one point, we laughed so hard at my dad’s joke that I cried. The sounds from that memory are the best sounds I can imagine. These sound waves not only represent the highs and lows of the event but also what our laughter looked like. They were similar in form and volume.