General Information on word embeddings

For a general explanation look here: [1]


Made by Google, uses Neural Net, performs good on semantics.

Installation + getting started:

pip install gensim
Here are some of the things you can do with the model: [2]
Here is a bit of background information an an explanation how to train your own models: [3].


Made by Facebook based on word2vec. Better at capturing syntactic relations (like apparent ---> apparently) see here: [4]

Pretrained model files are HUGE - this will be a problem on computers with less than 16GB Memory

Installation + getting started:

Included in Gensim. Couldn't test yet due to memory constraints. Documentation is here: [5]


Invented by the Natural language processing group in standford. [6]Uses more conventional math instead of Neural Network "Black Magic". Seems to perform very slightly less well than Word2vec and FastWord.

pre trained models