„...[es] sind die Bemühungen dessen, der, überflogen von Sternen, die Menschenwerk sind, .. , zeltlos in diesem bisher ungeahnten Sinne und damit auf das unheimlichste im Freien, mit seinem Dasein zur Sprache geht, wirklichkeitswund und Wirklichkeit suchend“ Paul Celan


  • Digital Bauhaus Lab expected to be inaugurated at June 25th 2015
  • Interactive Performance Platform with a markerless tracking system, high-speed video, sound, light and projections funded by the DFG
  • DAAD funded partnership with the University of California in San Diego starting now until 2016
  • We welcome Mindaugas Gapsevicius in our team

Featured Projects

plug and pray

Markt und Maus (Market and Mouse) Stefan Pach

How can we make mice live by the rules of investment banking?

To improve the understanding of the dynamics of finance markets the "Market and Mouse"-System tries to simulate a part of the fiscal universe. The main analysis focuses on the aspect of investment banking. This is the field with the biggest possible profit.
"Market and Mouse" investigates how mice decide if they have to choose between high risk but high value options and less lucrative possibilities.

Synbio plug and pray
Super Cell is a fictional supermarket website offering speculative products related to Synthetic Biology and our project for iGEM 2010. Super Cell „You shall not make for yourself an idol...“

...just google it.

plug & pray is an interactive artwork that allows believers to pray through their computer. plug & pray makes the search for God easier, with the help of the internet. plug & pray works as if you were praying. Believers use the pray device that activates a google image search for the word „God“ on the act of praying. plug & pray believers see the results of their prayers as spiritualized video, projected before their very eyes. Jörg Brinkmann: plug and pray

Check out our archives with student works and thesis works of BFABachelor of Fine Arts – undergraduate students will graduate with this degree and MFAMaster of Fine Arts – graduate students will receive this degree graduates.

Research and Teaching Faculty

Ursula Damm
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Resarch Associate
Martin Schneider
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E-Mail: martin.schneider [at] uni-weimar.de

Artistic Associate
Darsha Hewitt
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E-Mail: darsha.hewitt [at] uni-weimar.de

Artistic Associate
Mindaugas Gapševičius
Marienstraße 5, Raum 208
99423 Weimar
Telefon: +49 3643 /58-3871

E-Mail: mindaugas.gapsevicius [at] uni-weimar.de
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  • Bio Games     (03.-04.06.2015) – Lasse Scherffig, Thomas Hawranke
  • CCCI + WoW (22.-26.06.2015) – Angela Washko

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