'''Arduino light sensor'''

Light img.png

This is my first Arduino Projekt. I visualised the data of a light sensor, to draw some rectangles on the canvas. The colours are randomized to show the light data in a better way. I was also able to use a microphone sensor to get a visualisation of music.

'''experiment in the park'''


We had a very interesting task at the Ilm Park. Our goal was to only focus on our surroundings. I mainly listened to the sound of birds. I was very fascinated how they communicate to each other. I made a 4ch Stereo recoding, to share this experience. It had a very calming effect to me.

'''final project''

My idea is, to use the Arduino Touch Libary and an analog pin to sense the electrical capacitance of the human body with a plant. To achieve this i soldered a female midi port to the Arduino.