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* put your name and create a site
* put your name and create a site
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Shared habitat.jpg"Shared Habitats at home"

Shared Habitats was the title of now three exhibitions by students of the Bauhaus University [1] as well as of a book [2] that is currently being published. In the module, we understand our living space as a habitat in which we are not alone: we share it with countless fellow humans near and far, with other living beings, machines and objects. Our well-being is built on an atmosphere that has been created over epic periods of time by the actions of these beings, which is not divisible but shared destiny.

In the module, we will look in particular at the "habits to share," the habits and strategies for action that are necessary if we are to make our civilization sustainable, thriving, and peaceful. In the module, interactions, strategies or objects for a Shared Habitat are to be created, interfaces, but also techniques, manuals, online tools - in short, everything that is necessary to agree on coordinated, collective practices within our environment. Let the world know how your vision of a Shared Habitat will look like!

The module essentially offers the opportunity to carry out individual artistic-creative projects in your own conception within the scope of Shared Habitats. You are expected to develop a self-motivated and self-organized project idea and realize it until the end of the module. The plenum initiates open dialogue about your projects and the in-between steps. The plenum offers a culture of exchange and discussion that builds on the participation of the participants.

The module will be conducted virtually as online conferences until the End of June with face to face meetings at the end of the semester in July.

Video Invitation ("Projektbörse")
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Books and literature:

Please look at the Semesterapparatus in Moodle! There are about 20 books available.




  • put your name and create a site

Media:*Ulrike Katzschmann