GMU:Sensor Hacklab/Azucena Sanchez

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Threads of Light (¿?)


  • Fire (candle)
  • Motors
  • Speaker
  • Resistors
  • Light Bulb with no glass


Six motors with yarn in the shaft will be on top of the installation hidden behind speakers that will be making sound according to the temperature sensors or bulb base with tungsten cables. On the lower part of the installation burning candles will lay on the floor. The thread will be hanging and when it reaches the candle it will start burning. The fire will then go all the way up until it reaches the light base sensor. When its temperature changes, the sound will also change and the motor will release more yarn so the process be repeated again.



Finding the right bulb sensor. The tungsten cables that are used to light up a bulb are good sensors for temperature. With the right debugged arduino code they can become in very sensitive heat sensors, they work amazing with fire.

A research was made to find out how the light bulbs work and how to break glass.

Light bulbs are very aesthetic materials to work on. They do not need to be all the time giving light but many of their parts can be used. Most light bulbs nowadays are made with LED lights or halogen gases, to make them last longer.