1. Look into the supercut genre, pick up to three of your favourites and link to them on the assignment page.
  2. Find a video you would like to work with. It needs subtitles, the automatic translations from youtube work. Use downsub.com to download the subtitles. You can use VLC to get the download location for the video (open network stream, paste YouTube URLuniform resource locator – a human readable web address which is looked up by the →DNS and translated into an →IP Address, then in Media Information you find the video Location, paste it back into Firefox, there you can rightclick Save Video)
  3. If you need to fix some of the subtitle text or timings or want to add a subtitle yourself use Aegisub
  4. open the .srt subtitle file in Visual Studio Code
  5. Open shotcut and make a couple of dummy edits to the video file. Close the document.
  6. open the shotcut .mlt document in Visual Studio Code.
  7. find the playlist section in the xml document, it should look like this:
 <playlist id="playlist0">
   <property name="shotcut:video">1</property>
   <property name="shotcut:name">V1</property>
   <entry producer="producer1" in="00:09:13.209" out="00:09:15.809"/>
   <entry producer="producer2" in="00:01:35.770" out="00:01:40.500"/>
   <entry producer="producer3" in="00:38:06.600" out="00:39:34.800"/>
  1. now you can edit the movie by copying in- and outpoints from the .srt subtitle file. Beware: in the .srt the frame number is separated by a comma, in the .mlt it is a point.
  2. save the file under a different name.
  3. open in shotcut, export and upload the video to this page:


My top three supercuts

My own supercut


My top three supercuts

  1. Jörg Piringer: Sorted Speech
  2. Cassetteboy - Cameron's Conference Rap
  3. Every Donald Trump Sniff At The 2nd Debate