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Wool's World


As growing in the society, people can't avoid setting up the relationships with others and the relationship will become more complex and extensive. Some people become more mess when they rush to solidify the relationship, while others choose become indifferent and even no longer social with people, which make them gradually derailment with society. We do not want to defined it how to deal with it is totally exactly. We turn the relations visualized and let the users to feel their relationship with others in the society, looking directly at it, make himself balance. We aim to help people to find a balance of dealing with the interpersonal relationship, try to find a way to perspective on this relationship.

For this project, we'd like to use the wool as the theme. In China, the word 'WOOL (毛mao线xian)' will be used to describe complex relationships, because it is 'shear continuously, manage to return disorderly'.


Interaction with Screen
Interaction with Objects


On Stage

2 players

On Screen




Capture --> Unity

Project Plan

.Capturing the data of movement of main Joints with the tracking system
.Simulating the 3D Knot in Unity
.Controlling the 3D Knot by captured data in Unity
.Applying results above to the Chinese Knot
.Add sound effects in Unity or Max/Msp
.Object interaction by Arduino