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Wednesday 16:00 Marienstraße 7b Room 204

Everybody welcome who works with data-flow languages namely Pure Data, Max, vvvv and others. A forum for questions and answers, little project presentations, discussions and the passing of experience and wisdom from one student to the other.

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Next meeting is on Wednesday the 2nd of November, 16:00h in Room 204, Marienstraße 5

Meeting Archive


First meeting with Johann!



First meeting with Jörg!



  • we were looking at Martins work (getting RGB values from different pixels in Gem/Pd in order to write a patch that turns pixeldata into sound) Examples:
  • we discussed some tips how to save CPU load (object speedlim; getting pixeldata from more than one pixel with only one pix_data object)
  • mobile camera, webpd, RjDj
  • the question came up how to scale things. here is the demo patch: Media:Skalierungen.pd
  • Anja was showing her work Schatten→Klang


The first meeting - about six people where there, more said they would like to come but will join next week. We discussed a bunch of things, among it: