Performing Ecology + Modding Reality

Ecosystems getting out of control in the blink of an eye!
Interact with HTS, the Human Tracking System and try to control the population of sheep and wolves using motion, gestures and facial expressions.

Natur Aufführen + Wirklichkeit Aufmotzen

Ökosysteme gehen schneller kaputt als du denkst!
Interagiere mit HTS, dem Human Tracking System und versuche die Population der Schafe und Wölfe durch Bewegung, Mimik, Gestik zu kontrollieren!

Über die Performance

Ökosysteme gehen schneller kaputt als du denkst!

Sobald du die Performanceplattform betrittst, wird dein Verhalten von HTS, dem Human Tracking System beobachtet. Durch Dein Verhalten kannst Du mit einem Ökosystem interagieren. Gras, Schafe und Wölfe bilden ein dynamisches Gleichgewicht.
Kannst Du herausfinden auf welche deiner Bewegungen das Ökosystem reagiert?
Kannst Du die Balance aufrecht erhalten?

Das hybride Bio-Tracking-System ist nicht nur in der Lage menschliche Bewegungen zu analysieren, sondern auch Mimik, Gestik und Sprache. Damit ist es gängigen Tracking-Systemen weit überlegen. Die Studentinnen und Studenten des Kurses "Minecraft Ecologies" haben nicht nur das Spiel Minecraft kreativ umprogrammiert (gemodded) sondern auch auch das Tracking-System.

Die Performance erforscht spielerisch Themen der Aneignung und Modifikation von Umwelt und Technologie. Besucherinnen und Besucher sind eingeladen die Grenzen und Regeln dieses Spiels zu erkunden.

About the Performance

Ecosystems getting out of control in the blink of an eye!

As soon as you enter the performance platform, you will be observed by HTS, the human tracking system. By your performance on the platform you can interact with an ecological system. Grass, sheep, and wolves form a dynamic balance. Can you figure out which of your movements yield a reaction in the ecosystem? Can you maintain the equilibrium?

The hybrid bio-tracking-system does not only analyze human motion, but also facial expressions, gestures and speech, rendering it far suprior to other state-of-the-art tracking systems. The students of the course "Minecraft Ecologies" have not only reprogrammed (modded) the game of Minecraft, but the tracking system as well.

The performance playfully touches on topics of appropriation and modification of the natural and technological environment. Visitors are invited to explore the limits and rules of this game.

How does the "Human Tracking System" work?

The "Human tracking System" is, as the name suggests, a way to track human movements and actions. But the acting person won't be tracked by a non- intelligent Machine or a A.I., but by the human eye, which is not just way more efficient but it also boosts the accuracy of the whole system. Since the human body is existing since tousands of years, there are also way less bugs and performance lags compared to the relatively new computer- counterpart.

What exactly was each of your roles in the final event?

The Text- To- Speech- Director(Asha)

The Computing- Superbrain(Meike)
I was watching and tracking every movement on the platform and interpreting it into system reactions ( as for example spawing or killing sheep)

The Program- Supervisor(Marcel)

What were the rule-sets you used?

Screenshots + photos from the event

Observations + what you learned from the event

That people are way to easy to trick if you just play your role with your full heart and some important looking stuff standing around.