Meandering Code

From Code to Curves

3D turtle graphics with Beetleblox


We will learn how to program turtles, and how to create abstract line drawings from code


  • Learn to use string processing functions
  • Learn to write a turtle code interpreter
  • Basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP[[OOP|Object-Oriented Programming]])


Processing Curves

Evan Roth: Introducing Mozilla Mark Up


We will get to know interfaces for creating curves, learn how to store them, and how to output them


  • Learn how to use Libraries in Processing
  • Learn how to read and write strings to files
  • File Formats Graffiti (GML) and Motion Capture (BVH)
  • Using input devices such as a Graphic Tablet, Tracking-System, etc. to create curves
  • Use Processing to output curves in the visual domain
  • Use Spacial Synthesizers such as Zirkonium and Iannix to output curves in the auditory domain


Drawing and Writing

Motion Capture

Spacial Synthesizers

Transforming Curves

Martin Schneider: Fractal Image Embroidery in Motion


In this lecture we will learn how to transform curves programatically.

  • Rewriting Curves — In the 1st part we learn how to create space filling curves and meanders with the help of rewriting systems.
  • Remapping Curves — In the 2nd part we take curves to higher dimension and learn how to map points on a line to the plane (and back).


  • Basics of Fractal Geometry
  • Learn to work with data structures, arrays and vectors
  • Learn how to design Lindenmayer-Systems
  • Learn how to design Remapping-Systems


There is a most excellent book, titled Brain-Filling Curves: A Fractal Bestiary by Jeffrey Ventrella.
Don't miss it. It's the best and most exciting book on spacefilling curves out there!