Meandering Code

From Code to Curves

3D turtle graphics with Beetleblox


We will learn how to program turtles, and how to create abstract line drawings from code


  • Learn to use string processing functions
  • Learn to write a turtle code interpreter
  • Basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP[[OOP|Object-Oriented Programming]])


Processing Curves

Evan Roth: Introducing Mozilla Mark Up


We will get to know interfaces for creating curves, learn how to store them, and how to output them


  • Learn how to use Libraries in Processing
  • Learn how to read and write strings to files
  • File Formats Graffiti (GML) and Motion Capture (BVH)
  • Using input devices such as a Graphic Tablet, Tracking-System, etc. to create curves
  • Use Processing to output curves in the visual domain
  • Use Spacial Synthesizers such as Zirkonium and Iannix to output curves in the auditory domain


Drawing and Writing

Motion Capture

Spacial Synthesizers

Transforming Curves


In this lecture we will learn how to transform curves programatically.

  • Rewriting Curves — In the 1st part we learn how to create space filling curves and meanders with the help of rewriting systems.
  • Remapping Curves — In the 2nd part we take curves to higher dimension and learn how to map points on a line to the plane (and back).


  • Basics of Fractal Geometry
  • Learn to work with data structures, arrays and vectors
  • Learn how to design Lindenmayer-Systems
  • Learn how to design Remapping-Systems


There is a most excellent book, titled Brain-Filling Curves: A Fractal Bestiary by Jeffrey Ventrella.
Don't miss it. It's the best and most exciting book on spacefilling curves out there!