My project will be a visual-based game about sound and distance, which works with max MSP, processing, and Arduino.

Background: During the circumstance of COVID-19, we are forced to keep a distance from each other. Let's try to use the voice to connect us with friends.

Concept: When the player wants to say something to his/ her friend, he/ she should communicate by voice but at the same time not getting to close to them. There will be a voice element represents the voice of the player, one location element represents the location of the player and several sub-elements(goal) represent the friends of the player.

Controls: Distance controls the distance between the player and his/ her friends. A sensor controls the direction of where the player is speaking toward and moving toward. Voice controls the speed of where the player's voice element is speaking toward= moving toward.

How to win: The player has to control the elements by his/ her voice and distance. Collect points when the voice element reaches friends= hits the goal. Talk to 10 friends to win the game= Get 10 points to win the game.