Unreal Engine


HTC Vive

Windows PC

  • Intel i5 / FX8350
  • GTX 1060 / RX480
  • 4GB RAM


Hardware Aquisition [CHECK]

  • up to 2 Vives (incl. controllers)
  • up to 2 backpack-PCs [1]
    • Intel i7
    • GTX 1070
    • 16GB DDR4 RAM

Low Hardware testing

maybe not necessary anymore...

Moving in VR

  • tested in Unreal Engine:
    • correct real-world position in VR
    • model to represent controller
    • physical interaction with objects
    • digital movement (REACHED)

Loading 3D Models

  • tested in Unreal Engine:
    • loading of basic geometry
    • physical colission and movement
  • TODO
    • create VR model of maze
    • create realistic ant model (with rigging)

Getting Tracking Data to VR

  • ZMQ tested and possible [2]
    • TCP/IP[[TCP/IP UDP]] Internet protocol suite as communication protocol
    • embedded in Unreal Engine
    • server-client architecture

Correct Calibration of Tracking Data

Interaction with Ants

Implementing Game Mechanics