Do we need a story? Do we want a purpose/goal to the game, that can be backed by a story?


  • Hide and Seek
    • Seeking ants by "path of pheromones" only
    • Hide from ants? Problem: they are not really searching for you. Hiding from random detection?
  • Capture the Flag
    • Competitive or cooperate?
    • Competitive: "Steal" flag from ants, avoid flag being stolen back by ants. Bring flag back to your base.
    • Cooperate: Get flag from starting point to base.
      • Areas you can't access/pass with flag, but ants can --> depending on ant randomly choosing the right way.
      • Player (human) can move through portal, ants can not but flag can't be transported through portals.
      • Multiple layers in virtual world? --> Real model 2D, Virtual world 3D
      • Player can transport flag only a certain distance. --> Ant hopping, carry flag from ant to ant in hope of getting to base.
  • Maze/Path finding
    • Competitive - ants vs. humans
    • limited vision for players (human)
    • Bonus points --> special abilities (extended vision, blocking other team etc.)
    • Perceivable pheromone trails (color paths?)
    • Goal?

General Mechanics

  • Portals?
  • Areas only accessible by ants or human?


  • What is an appealing game?
  • How can we interact with the ants in an interesting way?


  • Ants not cooperating. Would that be a problem or part of experience?
  • Ants moving randomly --> source of frustration?
  • Ants moving pretty fast --> scale?
  • Human players not communicating with each other --> encourage communication/cooperation