Artemia salina (Brine Shrimp/Sea Monkey/Sea Dragon)

Artemia salina is a little crustacean and a species of artemia, also called brine shrimp.


Adding more salt into the water, Artemia starts producing more hemoglobin and turns red. It is also said to turn red when stressed and turn green/clear when "happy". More heat leads to faster development, on the otherwise it leads shorter life span.


Artemia salina reacts to food, light and temperature. Higher temperature and more light leads to a more active behavior. Also, Artemia reacts to light by moving towards the light source, giving a us a possibility to lead them around their enviroment. As already stated, it also reacts to the salt concentration in the water.


Artemia can be held in transparent container from 0.5 to 6 liters. So even a 0.5 liter jar can accommodate them. For better air access, a container with a large opening is optimal. Nevertheless, the container should fit easily on a table.


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Ethics/ Living Conditions

As Artemia is mostly used as fish food or for experiments with toxic chemicals, the question about what can be considered ethical usage is quickly answered. Artemia eggs can be bought in any fish keeping shop and are often used as gimmicks in children magazines ("Yps"). Too much salt leads to death.


Artemia eggs are easily and cheaply obtained. They can be bought at aquarium shops or as a gimmick in magazines. The eggs can survive a long time. They need an aquarium or something similar (transparent tank). It should have a wide opening for air access. A heat lamp and a pump are optional. They feed on grinded algae (Mikrozell). Under ideal conditions, it can survive up to 6 month.