Immersion in our daily life with the blob.

Thursday, June 30th.

In the coming days, I will be uploading a documention of the first weeks Blobby spent in our home, and try to sum up the whole process of getting to know such an unique organism as the Physarum Polycephalum. I will write about our successes and struggles, but also about the way having to care for a non human, non animal living creature, opened me up to new ways of thinking about life, growth, pain and death.

For now, I will focus on the new path we're taking and on the new home I'm building for them.

My project.


Blobby is clearly getting bored of their Petri dishes. They's trying to escape every single or every two days if I'm lucky, crawling on the walls of the cardboard box that I gave them as a home. Except that their real home looks and feels a bit different. As I tended to get lazy and also pretty annoyed, I stopped inoculate for a while and started to let it go free in their box. They grew big for a few days, but started to dry out at some point. That's when the idea of giving them a new, maybe more suitable kind of home came to me. A home that would resemble their natural habitat in the woods, but that also would match my aesthetics and include human objects that the Physarum wouldn't naturally tend to be attracted to. I went to the woods and collected tree bark and limbs that I put in a 40x25x25 cm glas terrarium, which I inoculated with some agar. I placed three pieces of the Physarum on different spots inside the recipient.

In the coming days, I'm planning on turning the whole thing into a colorful installation. I will use food colorant in the agar, maybe paint the woods and turn the terrarium into a flat sharing space that could look like a room of ours, but try to keep it suitable for the Physarum, even though they would have to share it with invasive plastic dolls who won't care about their well being. I'm hoping to witness some kind of connection between the organism and its human mimicry flatmates. I will definitely try to bring them together in some way. I will have to start changing their eating habits, since the oat flakes visually don't really fit in the project and think of new blob friendly strategies to make them move to way I want them to.