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Revision as of 20:48, 24 November 2020 by Ulrike (talk | contribs)

I fixed the issue I had with my last project. Now it works like I intended: I updated my first patcher by experimenting with the sound-text-video conversion. I copied the basic build for the jit.matrix object, that you can find when right clicking the objeckt and then clicking on help, where you can assign certain planes a value. I made it so that, in the window with each frequenz a different value blicks to the rhythm of the melodie.

Here is the fixed Patch: File:Für Elise 3.maxpat

With this little Project I tried out different stuff with the concept of making a game for to players, just by following the tutorials. The two players have to solve a puzzel by working together to "unlock" a video. They can communicate via the message boxes and exchange information. There is not really much to do in this patch but it definitely has room to add more puzzels.

File:Game Player 1.maxpat File:Game Player 2.maxpat