My name is Benazir Basauti Torres and I recently moved to Weimar to begin my Master´s studies at the Faculty of Media Art and Design at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Having been raised in Peru I have a strong connection with the concept of soil. Understanding and having the opportunity to deep further and explore our daily relationship with this concept spoke to my art practice. Especially in the current scenario where due to private interests the soil, earth, and habitat from various Peruvian communities are being destroyed towards the interests of mining companies.

My artwork deals with the observation of ourselves, The Other and what is produced in that encounter, carried out in the new digital scenario in which we live. I work mostly on the Internet as the main common scenario, because thanks to its immediacy and omnipresence we are available for that encounter with the other at any time and from any place.

Nevertheless, hand made objects are always presented in my artwork, the final work is usually shown as an installation integrated by different pieces such as phrases, drawings, sculptures, audios, GIFs and videos that propose a critical reflection of our immediate reality.

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