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== Interaction with Objects ==
== Interaction with Objects ==

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Group Project by Yun Liu | Xiangzhen Fan | Qianqian Li


As growing in the society, people can't avoid setting up the relationships with others and the relationship will become more complex and extensive. Some people become more mess when they rush to solidify the relationship, while others choose become indifferent and even no longer social with people, which make them gradually derailment with society. We do not want to defined it how to deal with it is totally exactly. We turn the relations visualized and let the users to feel their relationship with others in the society, looking directly at it, make himself balance. We aim to help people to find a balance of dealing with the interpersonal relationship, try to find a way to perspective on this relationship.

Interaction with Screen

The user will see a representative image of him on the screen, many fine lines around on it. The thin lines are a kind of metaphor of the complex relationships in the society.

Diagram 2.jpg Lines.jpg

If the user stood there motionless, lines will disappear slowly and weak, and the user will disappear on the end. It means that if you do not take care of interpersonal relationships, the relationship will not get clearer, only would make themselves out of touch with the community.

Moving.jpg Standing.jpg Static.jpg

If users try to clear the lines by doing actions quickly and aimlessly, those lines will be more and more disorderly which would turn into a mess. This shows that if you are too eager to sort it out in a rush and expand relationships, not only will make the relationship more chaotic, but also separated from the real contact with others.


Interaction with Objects