Music and architecture have been a great influence on each other. Many architects have been influenced by music, and so did musicians as they were inspired and driven by the architectural context that dwelled them. Due to various acoustic phenomena, music does not sound the same inside different buildings, influencing the musician when composing. Meanwhile, architecture was created around music and developed spatial-acoustical criteria to contain the music within it, with emphasis on the acoustical and emotional outcome that could be achieved. Therefore, the impact on music and architecture could be seen as a closed-loop impact on many levels; inspiring, composing/ designing, and experiencing.

What if music and your emotions can form a space? Will this generated space affect your emotions back and generate a new space correspondingly? Will this create an endless loop of changing emotions and spaces back and forth?

Emot;on, an interactive VR installation that invites the participators to explore the notion of musical and emotional space in a new medium. Each participator will be transported into a space that forms depending on the music plaing and their current emotion. Hence, this user-centered experience will generate different and unique spaces from each different interaction, emotion, and music.

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Docummentation of progress