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Fresh Music For Rotten Vegetables

Karl Heinz Jeron,

"The electronic devices built by the participants are controlled and fed by current generated by use of the collected vegetables. According to the state of the vegetables, the sound, the colour of the sound, and the volume of the sound are varied. Thus, an improvised piece of music is created from the most simple parts, and a garnish. (Jeron, 2011)."

Bacterial Radio

Joe Davis,

/Bacterial Radio/ by Joe Davis uses a crystal radio mechanism, allowing for the capturing and conversion of AM radio waves. Besides being a radio, crystal radio evokes the idea of a living organism that is able to naturally generate electric current through interaction with its environment.

The /Bacterial Radio/ project is compelling from different perspectives. First of all, it uses crystal radio, a radio mechanism that is able to catch and convert AM radio waves with no additional electricity supply. Secondly, Davis has introduced modified E. coli bacteria, which might replace traditional wires.