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Installation plans are still in progress.
Installation plans are still in progress.

[[File:Screenshot microscope.png|400px|thumb]] [[File:Screenshot microscope.png|400px|thumb]]
[[File:Screenshot microscope.png|400px|thumb|left]] [[File:Screenshot microscope.png|400px|thumb|left]]

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Installation plans are still in progress.

Screenshot microscope.png
Screenshot microscope.png

Option 1) Use two screens.

Screen 1 : Video from the microscope.

Screen 2 : animated musik notation from Max/Msp

Option 2)

Use only one Screen: Overlap the scene under the microscope and the music notation.

video in process

Concert Homesick


In a drop of water, members of the microscopic world_microorganisms, moss, corpses, air bubbles and many other beings_ play music in this project. A programmed Max patch tracks through a microscope the beings of the microscopic world invisible to the human eye . When microscopic beings cross the music sheet, the corresponding scale is played in real time.


The title of this concert is 'Homesick'. The water drops used in the project are the combined rivers of two cities: Anseong, Korea, my hometown, and Weimar, Germany, where I currently reside. This project metaphorically expresses my mental and physical state after living abroad for a long time away from hometown _especially during the pandemic, unable to visit home for two and a half years.

Water of River


rivers of city and citizens share the body. People in the city drink the river water. The sewage produced by human excretion goes through a purification process and returns to the river. River water becomes the water we drink again.

-Our bodies (muscles and blood) are made up of water.

-Suitability as a physical property.

1 water drop + 1 water drop = 1 water drop

Water are always become Oneness, not separated.

Technical position

Max/Msp : The scale is determined according to the coordinates of the microorganism and the sound is output in real time.

Connecting the microscope to maxmsp patch :

Connect a Canon camera to the microscope and take a video the enlarged scean in the water drop through the microscope. It transfers the video shot with Canon camera to maxmsp patch through OBS virtual camera webcam utility.

Aesthetic positon_ Installation

2 Screens, Microscope, DSLR Camera, Laptop, Speaker.

Screen 1: Video from the microscope. Transmitting the scene in the water drop in real time. (Fig. 1)

Screen 2: animated musik notation from Max/Msp.

The movement of the microbes in the water creates a sound according to the musical notation. Music notation consists of a total of 27 horizontal lines (27 y-axis numbers). Each line represents 27 different scales. The pitch of the note increases from bottom to top. The aesthetic aspect of music notation is still in the process of development. (Fig. 2)

music notation in progress

Screenshot microscope.png

(Fig. 1)

Notation sample1.png

(Fig. 2)


Max/Msp x Microscope

Screenshot maxpatch.png


A transparent glass object containing river water. The shape of the glass object is still in progress. I'm thinking rough of the sphere, which symbolizes circulation and connection. Reference image for glass object.png

Installation skecth homesick.jpg

max msp develope process

idea sketch

observation _llm Park _ 8. May. 2022

max/msp_ practice