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''Venue:'' DIY Biolab @ [[Marienstraße 7b]], [[Marienstraße 7b/202|Room 202]]<br />
''Venue:'' DIY Biolab @ [[Marienstraße 7b]], [[Marienstraße 7b/202|Room 202]]<br />
''First meeting:'' 14.04.2022
''First meeting:'' 14.04.2022


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Werkmodul Fachmodul
Lecturer(s): Mindaugas Gapševičius
Credits: 4 SWS
Date: Thursdays 11.00-15.00
Venue: DIY Biolab @ Marienstraße 7b, Room 202
First meeting: 14.04.2022 BBB:


This course is designed as an introduction to working with interfaces between living organisms and computing machines. The weekly course is divided into a theoretical and a practical parts. In the theoretical part we will discuss artworks in relation to bioelectronics. The practical part will include work with organisms and interfaces that connect organisms to computers.

Participants are encouraged to develop their own ideas, which will then be presented at the exhibition in Berlin in the summer.





The successful completion of the course is the attendance of the seminar and the documented work on GMU wiki. The documentation may contain text, video, images, sketches, sound, and other digital formats.

  • 20 % Theory
  • 50 % Individual project
  • 30 % Documentation including 20% of updates in Wiki