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ORDNUNG is an early 2008 Mac Pro (Mac Pro 4.1).

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Students who take courses or make projects at the GMU are encouraged to use our computers.
Check out Coders Corner for more info.


You can find the ORDNUNG computer in Coders Corner.
ORDNUNG is the twin sister of CHAOS.


Operating System OSOperating System – for instance Apple's OS X stands for the tenth version of the OS X, Version 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
CPUCentral Processing Unit, an →IC, generally refered to as the processor in a computer 2 x Quad-Core Intel, 8 Cores
Memory 8 GB
Harddisk 2 TB
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 120
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285

Also check out the specs + manuals published by Apple:


  • Wacom Screen + Pen (!)
  • German Apple Keyboard
  • Microsoft Mouse


There's a lot of software installed on the ORDNUNG computer.
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Licensed Software

Adobe Creative Suite CS6
  • After Effects CS6 (Video Compositing)
  • Photoshop CS6 (Raster Graphics)
Adobe Creative Suite CS5
  • Adobe InDesign CS5 (Desktop Publishing)
Adobe Creative Suite CS4
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (Video Cutting)
  • Illustrator CS4 (Vector Graphics)

Not Installed

  • Adobe Dreamweaver

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Free and Open-Source Software

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If you want specific software or version of a software installed for your course or your project, please add it to the wishlist, or send an email to the admin.

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The ORDNUNG computer is currently administrated by Martin Schneider.
Shoot him an email if the computer is up in flames.


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